The World's First
High Protein Roti
10g Protein | 100 Calories | "Tastes just like a regular roti"

More Protein and Fiber. 
Zero Weird Taste.

Because Dal is not a Great Protein Source...

(It's mostly carbs).

Struggling with constant cravings, low energy, and stubborn weight? You might need more protein in your diet. Protein is the secret to stay fuller longer, get leaner, and improve your metabolism. 

Dal is usually the go-to protein source in Desi diets, but the truth is—Lentils like dal, channa, rajma etc actually have three times as much carbs as protein. To get a full 25g of protein, you'd need to eat over one packed cup of lentils (2-3 cups of watered-down dal), and you'd be consuming 50-60g of carbs alongside that. Add roti and rice, and you end up with a very high carb, relatively low-protein meal.

South Asians often struggle with excess belly fat, lower muscle mass, and a whopping 4X higher rate of heart disease. Genetics may be a factor, but so is our lifestyle: A very high carb, unbalanced diet makes these health issues worse. 

That's why we created these high-protein rotis: To help you live your healthiest life, without giving up your favorite Desi food. Protein isn't just for gym buffs. It's your secret weapon to reaching your goals, and feeling satisfied in the process. Our rotis taste just like regular, homemade rotis and just two of them give you a solid 20g of protein in your meal.  Join the waitlist now to be the first to know when we launch! 

How do they taste?

Desi Fitness Trainers give their honest reviews of the JŌSH Protein Roti:

"It tastes just like roti...I wouldn't be able to tell the difference"

- Shwetha Mangal, NETA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

"It tastes exactly like a paratha or roti to me... I would eat this."

- Gayatrri Musraca, OFNC and Precision Nutrition Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

"I eat roti almost every single day and I can't tell a difference."

- Tina Naidu-Patel, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

"I'll be honest...I was not expecting these to be as good as they are! They taste just like a regular wheat flour roti"

- Mya Patel, OFNC Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

About Us: JōSH Nutrition

We're Dee and Josh, and we have a passion for transforming lives through nutrition. JŌSH, in Hindi, meals strength, passion, and drive – qualities our foods bring to your table. 

As a seasoned Nutrition Coach, featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, POPSUGAR, and More... Dee has helped thousands of Desi women to achieve their fitness goals like shedding stubborn bellyfat, building muscle, and feeling better in their bodies. 

We've realized that many South Asians lack the strength and passion – the JŌSH – needed for a fulfilling life simply because they just aren't eating right. They're lethargic, have low energy, have excess weight, health issues like PCOS / Diabetes, and are unhappy with their bodies. We've seen it all, and we believe it's time for a change.

Contrary to popular belief, being "healthy" doesn't mean bidding farewell to the rich, flavorful world of Desi cuisine and settling for bland chicken and broccoli. At JŌSH Nutrition, we set out to bridge the gap between delicious and nutritious, creating high-protein, healthy Indian food that let you savor the flavors you love while nourishing your body. No fluff, no compromise. Join us in making your favorite Desi dishes a bit healthier without losing the taste. JŌSH Nutrition – where Desi flavors meets flavor.


When will the protein rotis launch?
They will launch first in Houston, TX in late January, 2024. We are working on making these available across the country after that, as soon as we can. 
What are the full nutrition facts for one protein roti?
Each roti has 100 calories, 10g Protein, 11g Carbs (4g Fiber), and 2g Fat. 
Are the protein rotis vegetarian and vegan? 
Yes, our protein rotis are both vegetarian and vegan.
What is the main protein source in these protein rotis?
Our protein rotis contain chickpea protein and soy protein as their primary sources of protein.

Are these gluten free?
No. In order to maintain an authentic taste, we use real atta, or Indian wheat flour in our rotis, which contains gluten.
Do the protein rotis contain nuts or dairy?
The protein rotis do not contain nuts or dairy but are produced in a facility which may have nuts or dairy.
Are these PCOS-friendly?
Yes, many women with PCOS can benefit from increasing protein and fiber in their diets. This may help with cravings, blood sugar spikes, and help promote overall weight loss in a calorie deficit. 
Will these help me lose weight?
In order to lose weight, a calorie deficit is required: This means you are eating fewer calories than you expend each day via daily activities, bodily functions, and exercise. Eating more protein can help you create a calorie deficit. How? Protein keeps you satiated, so you stay fuller longer, reduce overeating, and decrease cravings. Protein is extremely important during a weight loss journey! 


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